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Love how you wrapped us this post with the "feet washing!" LOL

What a wonderful, yet heavy family history you carry. Thank you for sharing it!

Marvelous, loving portrait of your grandfather. What a gift to have had him in your life. (My husband's grandfather was a well known Baptist preacher in our town -- and his father was a county commissioner. Once, the preacher got so mad at the local newspaper publisher for writing something critical about the son, he went to complain about it -- once in the publisher's office, he lost his temper and threw an inkwell -- full of ink-- at the publisher. My husband and the publisher's grandson are friendly enough, but this is an incident still not spoken of!)

J-feet washing is pretty cool. We only hold communion four times a year and the women go off to one room and the men to another. It's a symbol of servitude and it's a really nice reminder. But not good when you're 18 and you get smelly farm lady's feet to wash :)

Beth-Wonderful story. I love colorful characters in families. I hope to never be one, though.

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