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I'm really sorry that your struggleing with all of this so much. It must be very uncomforting to have so much doubt.
I understand your point but I believe that a God who creates something as complex as the human eye, who thought up animals as diverse as a honey bee and a giraffe probably has an answer to your questions. You have to get to Heaven to find out and I believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation. He's the atonement for our sins.

Don't you love those "Christians" who point out how "uncomfortable" us non-Christians are??!

I LOVED this post and feel exactly the way you do on this matter. If you take the bible, and (figuratively) put it in a boil of water and simmer away all of the "nice" stuff, you are left with this: are you going to Heaven or are you going to Hell? Bottom line.

And unless you've accepted Jesus as your "Lord and Savior", you are taking the elevator down to the sauna. BUT friends! If you accept "Him" you get to take the escalator up to Heaven where....wait...what happens in Heaven? Do we have jobs? What do we do all day? Well, whatever...it's really, really nice. And don't worry about those friends/family that are downstairs. This is Heaven!! You won't even think about them.

PA-LEEZE! A man can come in and rape and kill my family and go to jail and "save" himself and he gets the all-inclusive vacation resort? If "God" wanted us all to serve "Him" and "accept" him, than why not just be a little bit more clear? Why the ambiguity? Then we wouldn't have thousands of other religions. And wars over religion. And millions dying over religion and war. Ugh.

Oh, and one more thing? Aren't we all "God's Children?" How come I hear people say, "He (God) gave up his only son?"

To me, Christianity is like a MLM scheme. Those involved shake their heads at those not involved; they can't believe how they can turn down something so good (like making $25,000/month!!). As if your life can't be "good" otherwise.

(Can you tell I'm fired up?)

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