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Thank you for starting your new blog, though I will continue to look for updates on your old one, 'cause every time I read it I think, "We need to go back up to beautiful Maine for a little vacation." :-)

However, I really appreciate your new blog, it really touches me as someone who is gay, follows the teachings of Christ, goes to church but struggles with "The Church," "Christians," and many of the teachings and doctrines. I have to say that I read your entry about an Easter past with tears in my eyes because jsut when I think there is hope for "the Church" I am reminded about how churches shun, spew hate and drive people away. It also brings up some past hurts that I have experienced at the hands of "God's Church."

Anyway, I could go on... but since I really don't enjoy writing, I'll stop and look forward to your next post.

I sense a parallel journey here, and I'm sure there are many others who are on this path as well. Thanks for starting this blog. Maybe it can be a crossroads for dialogue.

For the record, I was raised as a Southern Baptist (from a long line of Mississippi preachers), was happy and relieved to be confirmed as an Episcopalian shortly after my second marriage, but these days find myself in the chapel of our longleaf pines to have what feels like an authentic religious experience.

Thanks to both of you for your comments. They're greatly appreciated and I do hope that this can be a safe forum for dialogue and discussion and that everyone, no matter what their belief, will see that their comments are welcome and appreciated.

I'm loving your new blog, and will enjoy getting lost in its depths whenever you post. Living out faith in this world of conflicts is both consuming and fascinating.

After 5 years, I know you better because of this blog. If possible, I appreciate you more.

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