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February 15, 2009


Lisa K.

Nice to see Mac here again...hope the treatment works! You go, boy!


I know how you feel, Mac. It's hell to get old!


Long live Mac the Dog. We think he should get a Facebook fan page.


Oh Mac, I'm sorry you're hurting. Glad you have such a loving mom and dad and that you get to feeling better soon. You and my 19 year old cat can compare notes.


Mac, sending lots of healing thoughts your way. No matter how hard or easy it is to walk, you are a wonderful companion to your mom and dad and obviously they love you very much. I hope your high-tech treatments continue to show results. Just be thankful nobody took a photograph with all those needles poking in you and posted it on a blog! Your dignity is intact.

Never turn down cookies! (That's a message directly from Ruth & Jewel.)


Oh, poor Mac, I'm so encouraged to hear that you're responding to treatment! Hugs!


Oh Mac, so sorry to hear about your hips. If it is any consolation, you are very good looking! I tried to switch you out with my lab, but your mom said no. I guess she's pretty smart.

Cheers to Mac!

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