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December 13, 2008



I know having no heat and losing the contents of your freezer sucks, but the thing I am saddest about are the trees. Knowing that the landscape you know and love will be changed forever just makes me sad. Who knew I was a tree hugger?
I know the last ice storm you had up north a few years ago took all the tops off of our ours, I wonder what it looks like up there now.


The tree loss IS sad. But I'm glad you were otherwise pretty much unscathed. I had to laugh at one of your tweets re: getting nervous with the power outage because your Kindle battery was low and needed recharging. We have the same priorities!

Ice storms DO make for beautiful photos.

Lisa K

Glad to know you guys are back on line! I have friends in Wells who were, as of this am, still in the dark.

Account Deleted

Quite a storm, wasn't it? Our power came on at noon today, while neighbors were sitting in my living room talking about their frozen pipes. When my husband and I were driving around this morning, we kept noticing and commenting on the trees. So many good ones down. "Let's just drive around and feel sad about the trees," I said.


Nothing like a power outage to make you thankful for the little things we take for granted. Glad you're all safe.


Hey y'all-
Thanks for the comments and good wishes. I am most sad about the tree loss; we lost only one birch, already marked to be taken down due to disease, but around town and around the area, we lost so many wonderful old trees. It really is the saddest part of this situation. Food can be bought, pipes repaired, but those gorgeous trees will take a hundred years to be replaced.


THIS was a wild one! I've been in New England all of my life and I've never been through weather as bad as this. Bad Times....

Charlie Berry

Down heah in Mechanic B'gawd Falls, I lost power three different times for about two hours each. Damned lucky if you ask me. In '98 it was for 10 days. at that point friends invited me to Brunswick to an old old house I remembered being in as a kid. The grandchildren own it now ( my age) and use it only in the summer. Everything in it is untouched. Amazing trip down memory lane as I recognized old photos of the family, and sat at the same kitchen table where my grandmother took me to play "beano" with the neighbors "down on the landin'as it has always been known.
Are you ready for Sunday up coming? About a foot of snow predicted but snow isn't really a threat to power- if it's not sleet and freezing rain. We did about the same as you around here during this last one. Does bring folks together, doesn't it? Power up the skiddah.

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