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December 26, 2008



Yes, that looks about right. After I moved to New England, I remember being surprised to learn that priests outside of Columbus, Ohio don't include score updates during their Saturday afternoon homilies, since that was always a given on the Saturday of the OSU/Michigan game. I just assumed that fans everywhere were obsessively transfixed by their local team; I didn't realize growing up in Ohio that the Buckeye thing was something unusual.

I guess it's perfect that I moved to Boston, where local fans are similarly rabid.

Marie Freeman

Wait. You didn't go to OSU? I'm lost...


Lorianne's comment kind of explains it. I went to a D-3 school to play basketball, but even at that school they announce the OSU score at the AU game and about 50% of the people in the stands are dressed in Ohio State gear.
No matter where you go to school, being a passionate Ohio State fan in Ohio is just bred into us. Odd, aren't we?


What happens if the little fella is given a full scholarship to Big Blue? Hope you had a great Christmas!


If it looks like he's going to accept, we convene prayer groups to pray for his misguided soul. If that doesn't work, we send him to rehab.... :)

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