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September 09, 2008



Most definitely not you, my dear! Great new site! I left you a rant, I mean a comment, over yonder.


I like your new Palin blog. I'll stop back to see what's new. (Referred here by the lovely Tonya!)


shouldn't the question be who's hotter?
You need to be focusing on the USC game. That might be the real national calamity.


Um...I've never seen you in the morning so I'll have to pass on who is scarier. Right now, I'm leaning (left) towards Palin.

I feel your frustration! I did not vote for Bush the first term and certainly not the second. I've watched my country get slowly flushed down the drain while other countries sit back and shake their heads. I've been hearing about a (unwarranted) war that we are supposedly "winning" for years and wonder what we've won. I've seen my home value decline, not appreciate. I get sick every time I go to the grocery store or fill up my car with gas.

It's time for change. We need it. We deserve it.



The vice presidency is a red herring, and Palin's nomination has exposed in abundance, the shortcomings of a McCain presidency, to those that wish to see them. Those that don't won't. I voted for Obama in the primary not the plagarizer Biden, to whom I am indifferent.

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