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April 14, 2008



Thank you for the information on a terrifc idea to aid hospice. If you've never needed hospice it's hard to understand what goodness and service they provide. My grandmother had hosipce which was a blessing to my dad at the most difficult time in his life. I'm going to buy the book. Thanks.


Huh, I just read this today - moving. I enjoyed Richard's commentary on caller ID (in addition to the idea for the book of real-life stories) ...I'm a sucker for non-fiction, I love people's real life stories, but not sure I could handle the emotion in this one.

Have you read Kate Baestrups "Here is you need me"? ...I have had that one in my cart since it was featured in DownEast last year but haven't had the nerve to execute the sale, in fear of emotional overload.


my girl crazy, man!


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