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April 11, 2008


ruth and jewel

Hey, Mac!
Glad to hear you were able to talk to your Dad on the phone.

Our mom says you would appreciate this cartoon:


You might not think so, but you're lucky to go to your other house. We've been promised a trip to our lake cottage ALL WINTER. But every weekend it snows or sleets, or our parents have a meeting. We've got cabin fever but the trip keeps getting postponed.
Ruth was startled by your feelings about the the LL Bean plaid fleece dog bed. She's got a small-sized one on our downstairs sofa and didn't know that Ralph Lauren was supposed to be better. Jewel doesn't care about labels, just comfort.

Our parents never let us sleep on their bed, so again, count yourself lucky--even if only occasionally.

Have a great weekend. You'll have more fun than you think you will.


I miss you MAC! You would like the Arizona sunshine and the weather is not too hot yet, mostly in high 70's with wind so cool in mornings and evenings but perfect for golf during the day. I should show you some golf as you might be interested once you see me frustrated trying to hit the ball correctly.

In 2 more days I will be home and look forward to hugging and petting you along with renewing our cocktails and crackers time prior to dinner. Since I will feel a bit guilty by being away I may try to give you more crackers and food than I should. Speaking of that there were a few summer golf clothes that didn't fit so well after a long cold winter of inactivity so I plan to cut back on food intake and do more exercising to enhance my chances of improving my golf game. Well at least improve how I look anyway. You may want to join me in that endeavor however I doubt that you will see any reason to join me doing that. You can watch me anyway.

Tell mom I miss her too and am anxiously awaiting the airport pickup Sunday night. I hope she likes my new tan and wants to also join me in my pursuit of better fitting clothes now that the sweater weather is on the wane.

Well I must rest up for the 7th straight day of golf scheduled for tomorrow morning. I have plans to follow that up with an afternoon of tennis with Joan. Joe teaches me about golf each day. I actually shot my best round of golf yesterday with an 80 which is my best ever score. Today was back up to my customary 90 but hit the ball well, just didn't score as well. My golf swing should be in good condition for when I return to play the recently opened courses back in Maine and NH next week. It has been perfect timing to begin anew the game of golf for 2008. The Hammonds have been such great hosts and the entertainment and physical activity has been perfect. I think I an tiring them out so I won't give out their address because everyone will be trying to get here and they need their rest before they head east for the summer. They will be up to visit you in York Mac and are looking forward to visiting "the blogging dog".

Love to you and mom and see you soon. I an envious that you have gone to Cushing before and without me for the first time this spring. I hope the new dock looks good and you are getting used to the new animals running around up there. Stay away from the bears and fox.

Love, Dad

Mac The Dog

Dear Ruth and Jewel:
So you guys like going to another house, really? It doesn't stress you out?
I get a little up-tight. I'm not sure why except I'm just plain old. I'm starting to like Cushing a little more--I saw a FOX this morning and I got to save Mom from it, so that was pretty cool (I barked like crazy through the window while it ran up the hill).
And DAD-
Gosh, you talk as much on the internets as you do in person. No wonder I miss you so much. It's been awfully quiet with you gone. Come home soon, Dad OK? And I know about potty in my way back, Dad, OK? Don't even say it.

Lisa K

"He hates it when I sleep in the bed but I figure he deserves it for being gone for so long."

My ex wouldn't let any of our pets sleep in the bed with us either. The first thing I did afterwards was open up the bedroom door(to the CATS, people!)

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