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March 20, 2008



And, just as interesting, Hillary was present at that event. I assume Wright got no photo-op with her, as no such image has surfaced.


So? Does anyone really believe that the President himself vets the invitation list for a luncheon-meeting with a general group such as this group was? I would sincerely hope he's spending his time dealing with important issues such as elimiating the prescription drug donut-hole, stopping jobs being out-sourced to India, etc.
And one of the purposes of such an event is to provide photo-ops for the attendees. This is certainly NOT the same as being a faithful 20-year follower of the man.


Now we have the passport breach. This is getting too ugly for a primary. What's going to be left for McCain to do but mop up the mess and win the election?


Good and reasonable points. (Although I still see how Barack could be a faithful follower of the man for 20 years and disagree strongly with some of his politics, Grammy, but the rest of the comment is exactly it).
To Bucky's point, this is too ugly for a Primary and we need to de-escalate the rhetoric on both sides of the Democratic race. And to Grammy's point: We do have far too many things to worry about that are important. So let's stop this ridiculousness and get back to the real issues of this election. Health care, the war, the economy.

Lisa K.

"So let's stop this ridiculousness and get back to the real issues of this election."

Yeah, like beating the snot out of McCain.

(Go Obama!)


...and national security...we're not that far from Seabrook...

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