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February 29, 2008



hey i just wanted to say that is sweet. how did you make it? how did you reach the top of the snowman? i would never be able to do that. what objects did you use to make it? who did you get the objects from? were any of the objects bought? well great job.
sincerely cookie gladstrumesit


i love it you guys rock wow!!!! im ceriously impresed wow wow wowwow you guys are awsome


how did you do that thing i am ceroiusly impresed you guys are awsome
i like how you used the arms as pine-trees
and the eye lashes as skeybording good job on that and i hope you have fun with it!!!!
sincerly carla castro

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For sure, the person or the people that made that thing took a lot of time and effort for that, I cant even imagine myself doing something like that. Nice work!


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