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February 28, 2008



We've already surpassed the 90 inches--over 100 now,not that it's a good thing.

Thanks for the winter view of Wiscasset. And memories of summertime pie-eating at Moody's!


It's been quite a winter, hasn't it? They've just adjusted the forecast--we're to get 10 inches and I think you're in for quite a bit more.
Time to lay in the supplies and stock up on the fire wood.


It should be noted that the "winter" referred to for record purposes includes only December, January, and February. So, because of these arbitrary standards even if we get 30 inches in March 07/08 will still go down as the 5th snowiest winter.

Pam Funk

Can ya'll help me find out what the 2008 snowfall total ended up? When it was all said and done, that is. My daughter is stationed in Prospect Harbor, and I'm making a scrapbook of her son's first year. I'd love to have snowfall totals to add to her beautiful pictures of his first Maine winter. Thanks for anything you can get me....peaches562003@yahoo.com

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