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January 08, 2008



Well said especially the part about overacheiving.

I'm in media blackout because who cares what these talking heads who never played a down of football have to say anyway and its totally predictible.


Heh. Pat Forde is a disgruntled Mizzou fan. He is also an asshat who is notorious for taking all his frustrations out on the Big Ten. I never take a world he says seriously, in fact, I rarely read his columns because he has the tendancy to suck the fun out of college football.


Good golly Marie, if that man makes you say ass hat, he must be really bad.
Thanks for the skinny on him. I still can't believe I sent him that email, but I needed to take my frustrations out on someone and he was available.


Oops! I probably shouldn't have said 'A-hat' on your blog, but I tend to beg forgiveness rather than ask permission;) BTW, I am friends with a couple of Mizzou fans, they all aren't bad, just him...


No need to ask forgiveness at all. As a matter of fact, I give you a big "atta-girl" on that one. :) I LOVED it.

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