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December 01, 2007



You can send some of it to East Tennessee! I'd welcome a nice snowstorm!


I'll even help pay the shipping to send this one to you Lori.

I'm just so not ready for a major snowstorm. I'm physically ready, all the lawn furniture is put away and reflectors have been placed along the driveway, but mentally and emotionally?? I belong on a beach somewhere really warm. (I'm in the 12-18" belt)


I'm not ready. I'M NOT READY!
There are three hoses still lying on the driveway, too stiff to roll. The shade cloth is still on the greenhouse. The fountain is out of its bowl, but still lying on its side in the herb bed.

Lisa K.

IT'S TOO EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Kane

I'm ready, bring it on! But we're only in the 1-3 inch zone according to the map. :(

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