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December 15, 2007



We don't really want Michigan to feel better do we?
That QB from ASU is the real deal I think we'll be seeing him on Sundays. He was named better overall player than Tim Tebow on ESPN this week


Thanks Melissa. I know for sure the App State players thought more about winning the National Championship playoffs last night more than their win over Michigan. Our boys got a sour taste for hype and kinda rather stick with their own FCS posse, for now. Being around family right now feels more safe at the moment, especially since the ESPN commentators ripped our team and fans to shreds the past two weeks. It was a good, weird, tired win.


hey Marie-
I'm so sorry that App State was ripped by ESPN--after last year, Ohio State fans know exactly how that feels. It's no fun at all.
Bucky-how about the new coach? Interesting choice, I think.

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